Programme and Training

Training Capacity Building Development

Training is essential in order to ensure safe and effective operations, Mine action organizations are responsible for ensuring that their personnel have received suitable and sufficient training in any activities they are to be involved

in and for ensuring they are competent, qualified and have sufficient experience, aptitude and proficiency to conduct their role in a safe and effective manner.

The National Mine Action Center (NMAC) and mine action organizations are responsible for ensuring that the minimum training standards are achieved prior to conducting humanitarian de-mining operations. Mine action organization personnel shall receive suitable and sufficient training in all aspects of operations they are likely to be involved in. Personnel shall not conduct any operations for which they have not received appropriate training.

As part of the accreditation process, the NMAC will conduct accreditation trainings for operations. Emergency medical training Mine action organizations will be required to sign a declaration confirming that any training has been in conformance and/or to a standard that ensures compliance with these NTSGs.

 The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of mine action organizations shall contain as a minimum the following information:

Details of their Training Policy (DTP):

  • Types and schedules of training – to cover all activities the organization is to be involved in.
  • Responsibilities and resources in the training.
  • Methods of quality assurance designed to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the training.
  • Details of assessments/testing for all courses.
  • Details of the activities that an individual/team will be competent in on successful completion of the training.
  • Details of and requirements when additional and/or refresher training and updating will be necessary to provide.
  • Policy on the recording of training and qualifications and the holding/storing of these records.

Qualification & Experience

The National Mine Action Center and mine action organizations shall have suitably qualified international staff members who are experienced in the humanitarian de-mining operations that they are responsible for or are to be involved in and who are capable of training national staff in their area of expertise.

The majority of courses necessary for conducting safe and effective humanitarian de-mining operations/ activities at the various practical and management levels are well known and the syllabi are generally similar for most organizations depending on the approach to the activity by that organization.  

The NMAC and mine action organizations are to ensure syllabuses adequately cover all aspects of the activities the training course is designed to deliver and all courses should include theory and practical lessons, assessments and/or examinations.

The Mine Action Center & mine action organizations shall conduct specialized training specific to that organizations role.

All personnel attending a specific complete training course shall be given certificates of competency, achievement and/or qualification on successfully completing the course or after a suitable probationary period (three months is recommended).

The NMAC and  mine action organizations are to record an individuals training, his/her qualifications, the period the qualification is applicable for prior to requiring refresher training and the achievements/awards/results. This information is to be forwarded to the National Quality Assurance Coordinator.

The Programme Department is the backbone of the National Mine Action Centre. It was established in July 2010. It has a planning section, public relations section and communication section.

The Programme Department focuses on the following areas:

Resource Mobilization:

  • Leading Resource Mobilization efforts by visiting embassies and giving presentations to Mine Action stakeholders.
  • Preparing the Budget and Project Proposals for new projects and extensions.
  • Providing logistical and substantive support to visits of donors and other delegations.
  • Liaising with partners, donors, and other organizations.


  • Drafting Quarterly and Annual reports
  • Preparing periodic substantive reports for implementing partners against donor contributions, projects, and activities
  • Preparing periodic financial reports in coordination with the Finance Department for donors and local authorities


  • Providing programme information to partners, non-governmental organizations, and contractors.
  • Engaging in Public Information initiatives and maintaining close working relationships with agencies
  • Maintaining documentation of decisions and actions taken on program issues
  • Participating as the NMAC representative at meetings and events
  • Liaising with partners, donors, and other organizations
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