Khartoum Cheshire Home (KCH) Services


KCH was established in 1973 as local voluntary organization registered according to the Government Regulation Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC)  and Sudan Council for Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA).

KCH is one of 250 Homes over the world affiliated to Leonard Cheshire International provided different  Rehabilitation services to the Disabled Children, all the provided Services are free of charge.

KCH Vision:

KCH works for Sudanese Disabled Children to have their full rights, developing their abilities to it is maximum limits and inclusion them in their communities.

KCH Mission:

KCH is a voluntary Sudanese NGOs targeted the physically disabled Children in Sudan with emphasis in venerable Communities.

KCH render different Rehabilitation Services, Care, prevention, Awareness Rising and advocacy Services with/for the targeted children, their parents and Communities in and around Khartoum State.

KCH Cooperate, Coordinate and Networking with the concerned Governmental Bodies and NGOs, Agencies in addition to the Disabled Peoples' Organization (DPOs) working  with/for the disabled people.

KCH Values:

KCH is a collective of Non-discriminative Voluntary humanitarian Movement guided by the values of independency, self-reliance, self-acceptance, institutionalization and flexibility.

KCH provides it's different Rehabilitation and Medical treatment through the following projects:

The Home Project:

Here the physically Disabled children having accessibility for assessment and follow up in the Home clinic (for times per-week). Usually not less than 45 new cases identified in weekly basis and 100 children come for follow up.

The Physiotherapy Unit:

The children attended minimum of 84 sessions four times per-week and two days for plaster (minimum 40 children). The Unit as well supervise the Hypotherapy twice per week for 24 cases in rotation in collaboration with professional lady in her own Farm not far from the Home Residence. Since the home is having swimming pool so Hydrotherapy exercises provided twice a week. A senior physiotherapist use to visit the CBR targeted areas once times per-week to assess the cases and give some advices to the mothers on how to make the follow up in their homes.

The Orthopedic Workshop:

KCH providing the different Walking Aids that locally produced in it's different department of the workshop. The majority of the working staff are disabled themselves and they are very good live examples to the other children who may refuse to use the supportive aid. The Ro-materials comes from the local market and the workshop usually produce not less than 3000 supportive Aids every Year.

The Home Wards:

 It's made of two big rooms having the accessibility to accommodate 40 children who are in needs for pre- and post medical Care. KCH accommodate the children and his mother. The wards is open for the children from the far areas (out Khartoum State) such as Dar Four , Kordofan, Kassala and the so. The duration stay in the wards from days up to months based on the child treatment plan, his health, Nutrition status and the ability of the mother to implement the his Rehabilitation program ( work plan) as requested.

 The Home School:

At the beginning it was mainly targeted the school children at the Home Wards and extended it services to take care of the children who come to the clinic or to the physiotherapy unit. The School give more attention to the children hobbies in particular that related to Arts (drawing, coloring, singing and so on). It's also supervise all the Cultural and the Social Activities at KCH. Every year the school conducted a summer Course for one month and half ended by an exhibition to present their activities.

 The Handicraft Unit:

Officially opened in 2008, a professional lady used to train the teen ages children in different activities, currently the mothers are also involves aiming at producing  some product to generate Fund for the Unit (provide the materials). This Unit use to represent KCH in related exhibition and Bazaars organized NGOs or Governmental institutions.  

The Information and Statistic Unit:- Founded in 2009, it's supervise and document the children records and statistics data. The Unit as well administer and coordinate the registration process of the children who comes to KCH seeking its different Rehabilitation services.

The Surgery Project:

The operation room opened since 2002. Every Year not less than 350 orthopedic operations conducted by two professional surgeons. Since it's foundation no problems affecting the work on this Unit (no infection or so detected) and due to this we always get the Blessing from the Ministry of Health at both Federal and the State levels. The Surgery team is working in good harmony to organize the activities at all the Home levels. The Unit is open for any extra related activities such sine 2005 there is a club foot project (treatment without surgery) and it's running up to now and all the evidence show it's successfully going on. At the beginning of this year one volunteer surgeon managed to conduct the first shunt operation for the children with hydrocephalus and we hop to continue doing these kind of operations to reduce the long waiting list of the children who needs for shunting specially in the public Hospitals. 

The Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR):

The CBR approach replaced the Outreach ones since 2004. Home visits, Awareness Raising, Inclusive Education and Referral to KCH clinic and community mobilization are the main activities conducted by the 27 Volunteers who are working in 72 local communities in 33 local areas.  The project teams working very hard  to overcomes the problems faces them at the community levels in particular the continuous expectation of the parents to get different forms of support from KCH.

The New Plot:

KCH plan to extended and develop it's services in terms of quality and quantity and due to this considerable efforts are going to fined the requested fund to complete the New plot where an access for modern services will be possible. It's important to remember that “the project land was donated to KCH by the previous Khartoum Commissioner since 2006. The actual work started in2008 and the first phase is about to finish. The number of the beneficiaries is expected to increase for at least two times per-year. Orthopedic Workshop, physiotherapy and the training purpose Hall are the main parts of the project.           

Additional information:

  • KCH overcomes it's problems specially the finical and the technical ones by signed an agreements with many National and International NGOs to support each other such as OVCI (an Italian voluntary Organization, ICRC and many others.
  • The Government of Sudan (Ministry of Social Welfare) supporting the Home in covering a part of the Running cost (electricity cost).
  • KCH always open for the different institutions in particular Universities by providing access for Researches, placement and training.     
  • The big challenges of KCH are to work with limited available resources, the continuous expectation of the children and their families.
  • Last year the Home manage to provide it's services to 14,600 disabled child.

KCH Cooperate, Coordinate and Networking with the concerned Governmental Bodies and NGOs, Agencies in addition to the Disabled Peoples' Organization (DPOs) working

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