Victim Assistance (VA) is a set of concrete actions aimed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of mine/ERW victims and persons with disabilities. Victim assistance is a core component of mine action and an obligation of states parities under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty Article 6 of the treaty states that

"each state party in a position to do so shall provide assistance for the care and rehabilitation, and social and economic reintegration, of mine victims and for mine awareness programs.

Concept of Victim Assistance:

The concept of Victim Assistance is the care, rehabilitation and reintegration into society to meet the needs of mine victims, their families and communities affected by mines.


  • To improve the Information Management System.
  • To enhance the coverage, effectiveness and sustainability of medical care and physical rehabilitation services.
  • To develop and implement programs for psychological support, social reintegration and economic empowerment.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of advocacy, legislation and policies to meet the needs of mine /ERW survivor and other persons with disabilities.
  • To mobilize adequate resources to achieve the objectives of the Work Plan.
  • To strengthen coordination mechanisms at national and international levels.

Areas of VA: 

Areas of VA Details
 Emergency Medical Care

Training of heath and community workers in first aid for traumatic injuries; development of an emergency response system (including supply or consumables and equipment, transport for rapid evacuation, etc.).

Continuing Medical Care

Surgery, pain management and general medical care.

 Physical Rehabilitation

Community-based rehabilitation networks; physiotherapy; occupational therapy; production and distribution of prostheses (pre and post prosthetic care), orthotics, mobility aids, wheelchairs, tricycles, etc.

 Psychosocial Support and Social Reintegration

Counseling, community-based peer-to-peer support, associations for the disabled, sport and other activities, access to education for children, etc.

 Economic Reintegration

Income generating activities (IGAs); individualized or small group micro-enterprise or micro-credit programs; craft production; training (groups, on-the-job training, B&A training, academic education, etc.); job placement – job development, etc.

 Laws and Public Policies

Development and/or implementation of laws and policies to safeguard the rights of PWDs, including mine/ERW victims; dissemination of information (laws, policies, etc.) on rights of mine/ERW victims and other PWDs; positive action towards inclusion of mine/ERW victims & other PWDs; awareness-raising on disability issues.

Information Management System

Injury surveillance systems; data collection; needs assessments (qualitative and quantitative information).

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