Mine Risk Education

Mine risk education refers to activities which seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/unexploded ordnance by raising awareness and promoting behavioral change, including public information dissemination, education and training, and community mine action liaison. Although the discipline is widely called mine risk education,

it seeks to prevent harm to civilians from all types of explosive devices. MRE covers the dangers not only of land mines but also of explosive remnants of war. (ERW).

Delivery of MRE as an important part of risk education, risk reduction and community liaison efforts can prove an effective and efficient means of addressing the diverse needs of communities living with risk.

 MRE has three main goals:

  • To minimize deaths and injuries from landmines and ERW.
  • To reduce the social and economic impact from landmines and ERW.
  • To support development.

MRE project circle

The Mine Risk Education department at the National Mine Action Center oversees all of the MRE activities which have been implemented by the national (local) organizations.

The role of the MRE Department is to:

  • Supervise MRE activities
  • Follow up and monitor MRE activities
  • Facilitate MRE
  • Co-ordinate with implementing partners
  • Evaluate MRE projects
  • Regulate MRE according to mine action standards

The way forward:

  • MRE is most effective when undertaken as a multi-disciplinary activity and delivered in the context of the diverse risk reduction needs of any given community. MRE should adapt to different audiences and risk- taking behaviors in its messages and techniques.
  • Action 21 of the Nairobi action plan remains relevant in a number of aspects, including that MRE programmes should take into consideration age, gender, social, economic, political and geographical factors.
  • MRE is most useful and effective when delivered as part of the wider risk reduction, risk education and community liaison efforts. As an aspect of community liaison, MRE can help provide affected communities with a voice.
  • MRE should be part of overall strategic thinking and planning in mine action, both at the national and international levels.
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