Mine Clearance

NMAC’s Mine / ERW Clearance and Quality Assurance sections are part of NMAC’s Operational section based at the main headquarters in Khartoum. The department coordinates all mine clearance tasking activities in Sudan and also conducts accreditation and certification of mine clearance agencies that operate in Sudan.

The department extends to NMAC’s sub-offices where the head of sub-offices also acts as Operations Officers in charge of mine / ERW clearance issues. Each of the sub-offices has one Quality Assurance Officer who oversees the quality management systems of both clearance and mine risk education teams. The clearance and quality assurance section also performs a number of other enabling activities required to support components of mine action operations, including: assessment and planning, the mobilization and prioritization of resources, information management, human skills development and management training, and the application of effective, appropriate and safe equipment.


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