Information Management

Information Management system for Mine Action in Sudan: 

The Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) is a globally used and internationally accepted database and software system that allows mine action programmes to efficiently collate and evaluate information. IMSMA

provides powerful tools to rapidly disseminate information on hazardous areas and other important aspects of mine action by providing digital as well as printed maps and statistics.

One of the primary roles of the information management system is to provide the mine action community with the most efficient and up-to-date information which will help in decision-making, operations management and planning.

In Sudan, the Information Management section manages IMSMA, and is the hub of NMAC for mine action information. Full reliance is placed on this section to provide support to demining operations, MRE, Victim Assistance and other related mine action activities.

In addition to the mine action data, various supporting geographic data and layers are stored, analyzed, and queried for information of relevance to the mine action activities on the ground.

Recently the display of hazardous areas from IMSMA on Google Earth enhances the mine action operations to a greater extent for easy access and study of the hazardous areas.

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