Mine Clearance

NMAC’s Mine / ERW Clearance and Quality Assurance sections are part of NMAC’s Operational section based at the main headquarters in Khartoum. The department coordinates all mine clearance tasking activities in Sudan and also conducts accreditation and certification of mine clearance agencies that operate in Sudan.


Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance (VA) is a set of concrete actions aimed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of mine/ERW victims and persons with disabilities. Victim assistance is a core component of mine action and an obligation of states parities under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty Article 6 of the treaty states that


Mine Risk Education

Mine risk education refers to activities which seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/unexploded ordnance by raising awareness and promoting behavioral change, including public information dissemination, education and training, and community mine action liaison. Although the discipline is widely called mine risk education,


Programme and Training

Training Capacity Building Development

Training is essential in order to ensure safe and effective operations, Mine action organizations are responsible for ensuring that their personnel have received suitable and sufficient training in any activities they are to be involved


Information Management

Information Management system for Mine Action in Sudan: 

The Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) is a globally used and internationally accepted database and software system that allows mine action programmes to efficiently collate and evaluate information. IMSMA


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