Roles and Responsibilities of NMAC

The roles are responsibilities of the NMAC are regulated by the Sudan Mine Action Law and the Sudan National Mine Action Policy Framework. The following is the summary of NMAC’s Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Legislation & Regulations:

  • Propose and follow up implementation of mine action regulations in a manner consistent with international standards, granting the license for people, organizations and national and foreign mine action


  • NMAC is responsible for the revocation of the license based on the approval of the Secretary-General in accordance with the regulations,

2. Planning

  • Implementation of plans and projects authorized by the National Committee.
  • Determine the functions and activities of mine action in accordance with priorities set by the Country for Mine Action,

3. Coordination

  • Coordination of activities and executive programs to combat the country's mines and ERW, as well as the coordination and implementation of mine action activities with the international parties and to work as a national equivalent.
  • Coordinating the mine activities within the governmental institutions.

4. Supervision

  • Receiving, screening and registration of job applications in the field of mine action and ensuring compliance with the standards prescribed by the regulations.
  • Recommendation to the competent authorities to grant exemptions for devices, equipments and machinery used in the field of mine action.
  • Administrative investigation of mine accidents

5. Reporting:

  • NMAC is responsible for issuing annual reports on actions taken to combat mines, to the relevant national and international bodies.
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