Sudan Mine Action Hotline

From 1st January 2012, the Mine Action Hotline will start operating in Sudan. A short and easy to remember 1912 Hotline phone number will operate at the National Mine Action Center. The hotline number is available throughout all Sudan; the hotline is monitored twenty four hours of each day.  The 1912 can be dialed from all mobile networks operating in Sudan free of charge for those calling the number.

The Hotline Number is funded through Mines Advisory Group (MAG) and managed by the National Mine Action Center (NMAC). The NMAC will receive and register each call to the Hotline number. Each call, reporting a mine, an item of unexploded ordnance, any suspicious object, as well as reports of mine related accidents, will be passed to the field offices that will take the appropriate actions to identify the threat and task relevant assets to eliminate it.

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